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U.S. Bank Alert

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U.S. Bank?
Your credit card account was billed at Apple Store for $2,636.65.

Please do not respond to this letter. If you would like to contact us, please sign in to U.S. Bank Online at and send a message to Customer Service.

You're receiving this e mail because you signed up for alerts via U.S. Bank Banking. If you do not want to get these alerts, sign in to U.S. Bank Online Banking at to terminate or permanently erase this notification.

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Defending your privacy is our priority. We will never initiate a demand through e-mail for your personal info such as your Personal ID, SSN, PIN or Account Phone number. For your safety, never discuss this info with anybody. If you get an e mail requesting your sensitive info, or feel the need to report a shady e-mail, send it to <> or contact U.S. Bank Customer Service right away at 800-US-BANKS.

Find more details about recognizing online fraud issues.
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